Coin Trade Mastery


What Is Coin Trade Mastery?

Coin Trade Mastery is primarily a crypto-crrency trading course directed for individuals looking to learn market theory and technical analysis. This course is presented in VIDEO format, and includes individual detailed lessons on each specific component used by professional traders in the crypto markets.

Who Am I?

My name is Jessie Hachey. Some of you know me as Jessie Crypto on Facebook (Look me up). I have been involved with crypto-currency since 2012, and have experience in mining and in trading. I was first interested in crypto-currency because of my technological hobby since childhood, I mean I have been building computers and programming since I was 9 years old, and anything tech related is what I love.. PLUS, I am very good with numbers. Crypto-currency is all tech, and trading is all numbers really, so it interested me enough to learn everything I can about it.

Does Coin Trade Mastery Give You Signals For When To Buy And When To Sell?

The short answer is NO!

Coin Trade Mastery is focused on education. The idea is to teach you the same skills and thought process a professional trader uses, so that you can think for yourself, and never again rely on signals, or stupid pump and dump groups.

Do You Have An Affiliate Program?

YES! Our standard rate is a 40% direct commission on all sales. None of that MLM or Ponzi garbage, but if you make a sale, you get 40% straight up! All you have to do is have your referrals sign up using your unique affilite link, and you will be credited the commission. AANNDD.. The affiliate program is 100% FREE TO JOIN! So you don't need to buy anything to take advantage of the commissions!

Is This Really Free To Join?

YES! Though understand we are currently in pre-launch, and the focus is on providing the PREMIUM content first. So you may join and participate in the affiliate program, and the discussion group via Discord, there is limited free content available in the crypto course for free members right now. There are plans to include a complete free course all about the crypto basics, like how to open a wallet, how to buy bitcoin, etc... NO ONE should ever have to pay for information they can get for free with just a simple Google search!